We are always looking for the right choose about ourselves, about some desicions of our personal life.
We search diferent visions, comparing and sharing our knowledge and always trying to find the right way.
But nowadays, we are aware that not everything is black or white, full or empty. There are a lot of posibilities between it, the world is open to accept who you are, so we just need to accept and love ourselfs. There is a right place for everyone.

We choose the variety, we distorsion the duality.

Photographer: Dori Barranco

Model: Salahddin Tarki
Make up Artist: Karen Castillo
Stylist: Andrea Galea
: Sweatshirt: Zara           
                Cream shorts: Kappa
                Sneakers: Nmd City Sock
                Black monkey: Zara
                Pink jacket: Mango
                T-shirt and blue pants: Zara
               Sneakers: Nmd City Sock / Converse Comme des garçons/ Jordan 1 Bred
Studio: Real You Studio